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About Melissa Acker
the expert artist behind these Personalized Guest Book Platters and Wedding Signature Plates ...

Melissa Acker truly is an authority on wedding guest book platters. She started hand painting alternative guest book platters in 2004 while she already owned a larger, mail order based wedding favor and bridal accessory business. She has perfected the technique of hand painting onto this unique medium and has earned her place as an authority on wedding signature plates and guest book platters. In 2008, she chose to devote her day's work exclusively to the art of hand painting her guest book platter designs for any and all events such as a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, engagement party, baby shower, milestone birthday, graduation, retirement, housewarming party ... the list of special events just goes on!
melissa acker artist hand paints guest book platters signature plates

A word from Melissa Acker ...

"While it was a tough decision to leave the first wedding business I created in 1992 (based in Syracuse New York), I'm very proud of that business, the unique products I created and the thousands of people my former staff and I helped with their wedding days, bridal showers, engagements, anniversaries and even baby showers. Now that I'm exclusively painting guest book platters signature plates and house warming gifts, I have become an expert at it and I feel very lucky to have the privilege to work directly with so many wonderful clients. Now I custom paint and personalize alternative guest books (signature platters) for all different types of wonderful celebrations. Even with so many years and so many completed plates for guests to sign, I couldn't be more proud of each guest book platter that truly does become a keepsake heirloom of the memories created by all the signatures of close friends and family members."

Melissa's professional philosophy on business and customer service ...

Giving my best, being flexible and simply communicating with my clients is the way I believe all businesses should be run. You can't fake sincerity. I have over two decades, that's over 20 years of experience helping folks with their special events. I won't mislead you either. If a color might not to look good etc., I will advise you as such and let you make the final decision. I believe it's important to instill trust and I feel my clients do trust me. You can hear it in my customer testimonials ... I love what I do, I care about my clients, the emotional ties they have to their upcoming event and the artwork that I have painted or will paint for them. Each and every guest book platter is a new painting and my sincere goal is to create a meaningful heirloom for everyone involved. I'm always surprised when I hear my clients say or write to me, "thank you for contacting me and double checking on this or suggesting that, etc." It's only natural for me to do so - doesn't every business? Ultimately, I want you to be thrilled with your keepsake guest book platter ... really!

Melissa's professional 15 second business pitch ...

Hi, my name is Melissa Acker and I own GuestBookPlatters.com Inc. If you give me 3 weeks, I can immortalize all of your friends, family members and co-workers. NO, I'm not a VAMPIRE. I'm an expert at hand painting porcelain guest book platters and signature plates for people's weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, retirements, graduations, housewarming parties and even milestone birthdays! I've worked with hundreds of clients to carefully paint a one of a kind design onto a platter for them. Wouldn't you love a keepsake heirloom of all the people who will be with you at your next celebration? Visit GuestBookPlatters.com, check out all my designs, plates and platters then contact me to see how I can preserve all of YOUR closest friends and family members too.

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