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Wedding Guest Books

Wedding guest books simply put, are registries that provide a way for guests to record their attendance by signature. A wedding guest book can be made out of anything these days with so many wedding guest book alternatives now available. Nowadays, guests even add touching personal sentiments to their favorite couple’s wedding guest book. The wedding guest book journal also acts as a reminder of all the guests a wedding couple will wish to thank later on.

According to Martha Stewart, how to handle the actual signing of wedding guest books depends particularly upon the size and style of the wedding. For small, intimate celebrations, it is appropriate to set your wedding guest book out on a designated table and let guests sign it at their leisure during the reception. For a larger wedding, you might leave the guest book out until about halfway through the reception, then recruit someone to take it from table to table so that guests who haven't signed yet will have an opportunity to do so. This is an excellent job for an outgoing, young attendant or relative.

In recent decades, most couples have begun to select a more unique wedding guest book style that is reflective of their own tastes and wedding decor. Wedding guest books are often lacey or ornately decorated with satin ribbons and pearls, etc. Whether your wedding guest book will be traditional looking, ornate or more modern, there are currently many wedding guest book alternatives to choose from. For example, a bride and groom can peruse thru actual engraved wedding guest books options or go to their local craft store and choose from photo signature mattes as a type of memorable wedding photo guest book. If you're really looking for a cool way to preserve a visible record of the people who will attend your special event though, a hand painted wedding signature platter from Guest Book Platters, Inc. is indeed a keepsake, personalized wedding guest book. Guests use a special ceramic pen (included free) to sign all over the remaining surface area of the platter. Afterwards, it is baked in a home oven (instructions included) to preserve the painting and signatures. Choose from dozens of themes and designs or even suggest a custom wedding guest book design.

A wedding guest book is not just a great idea for your wedding alone. They can be used at an anniversary, birthday, retirement party, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement, graduation, or pretty much any milestone event where you’ll want to fondly remember the special people who’ve attended.

Whatever wedding guest book or wedding guest book alternative you choose, above all make sure it reflects your personality as it will be a beautiful reminder and heirloom of the friends and family who have meant so much to you in your life.

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