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A Few Testimonials ...

I received my Guest Book Platter today. Melissa, it is just beautiful! The colors are absolutely perfect and I can't thank you enough. You and your customer service have been wonderful, this was a great experience. Thank you! Thank you so very much.
– Jane, WI

Just a quick note to let you know that our signature platter arrived safe and sound yesterday. It looks wonderful! We look forward to displaying it in our home after the wedding! Thanks for all your help and support!
- Martina in Alberta, CANADA

I love both of my bridal shower platters! Thank you so much for working with me on my custom bridal shower design!
- Vegsady in TEXAS


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Plain and Fancy Borders Options for Signature Plates

When ordering our signature plates, why not dress it up with a border? You certainly don't have to get a border around the edge the wedding signature plate you like best but, if you're looking for a little bit of elegance, we now have six different signature plate borders (exclusive to GuestBookPlatters.com) for you to choose from. The painted borders are also available in a variety of colors as shown on each specific guest book plate webpage. Best of all these fancy borders are all free border options and a great way to permanently enhance your hand painted, one of a kind guest book signature platter or wedding guest book plate. If you'd like even more flair than that, a mixed color border can be purchased for a very nominal fee incorporating even color into these custom personalized guest book plates. Let us know if you have any questions on these truly one-of-a-kind, unique signature plates feature options.

signature plate with no border signature platter with fancy border A

Choose "NO Border" when you
expect to have a great deal of
signatures, or if you prefer a
simple, clean looking plate.

Border "A" is a fancy border,
with a decorative edge
that looks very pretty with every
shape and size signature plate.

signature plates with subtle border B signature platters with fun border C

Border "B" is a subtle
yet definitive border edge
that looks very pretty with all
of our signature plates.

Border "C" is a fun
yet contemporary border edge
that looks very pretty with every
shape and size signature platter.

signature plates with delightful border D signature platters graduated border E

Border "D" is a delightful
border edge combining
traditional and contemporary for
a crisp framed look that goes
with all of our guest book plates.

Border "E" has bold, contemporary one color checked corners giving a framed appearance to your platter without "stealing the show" from the design (or stealing space for signatures).

NEW - Checker Board Pattern Borders
(optional checkered border styles that carry additional fees)
signature platters graduated border E
signature platters graduated border E
Border "F"
One Color Checkered
(Corners Only)
Border "G"
One-Color Checkered - Full Border
one color checker border
Heart Platter with One (1) Color Checks
two color checker board border
Heart Platter with Two (2) Color Checks

NOTE: the number of signatures that actually fit on a sigature platter is contingent upon ...
• size / style of design
• size of each guest's signature, and
• the style of the optional border