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Price: $9.95 each

guest book pens

These unique guest book pens contain a specially formulated permanent paint designed to adhere to ceramic or porcelain plates and platters. They are ceramic markers that have been specially designed around the paint so that you can use it to permanently sign on items such as finished ceramics. While this guest book pen will last through hundreds of signatures, it is a paint and therefore, it does dry out. So, it's important that you remember to:

1. always keep the pen cap on
2. store the pen horizontally (flat)
3. don't begin using the ceramic markers until everyone will use it
4. don't get the paint on any clothing (it does stain)

As long as you adhere to the above guest book pen considerations, you shouldn't have any worries. This fine tip ceramic marker really is a remarkable ceramic pen for your guest book platter or plate. Simply use this special paint filled, guest book pen to sign names onto anything ceramic. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours and then bake in a domestic oven as per included instructions. Your ceramic guest book platter becomes a one of a kind, decorated, glaze finished heirloom that is non-toxic and permanently resistant to gentle washing. The painted platters are NOT recommended for rebaking as it will burn the design colors.NOTE: one special ceramic marker (black) is included free with every platter purchase. It is however, recommended that you purchase one additional ceramic pen ... just in case. Consider purchasing a different, complementary color for guests to alternate each signature with. This makes a very unique looking guest book platter that you will certainly treasure for years to come!

Ceramic Paint Pen: $9.95 each
NOTE: these ceramic markers are discounted when purchased with a hand painted signature platter (on each platter web page).
You do automatically receive one FREE black ceramic marker with every hand painted guest book platter that you purchase.