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I received my Guest Book Platter today. Melissa, it is just beautiful! The colors are absolutely perfect and I can't thank you enough. You and your customer service have been wonderful, this was a great experience. Thank you! Thank you so very much.
– Jane, WI

Just a quick note to let you know that our signature platter arrived safe and sound yesterday. It looks wonderful! We look forward to displaying it in our home after the wedding! Thanks for all your help and support!
- Martina in Alberta, CANADA

I love both of my bridal shower platters! Thank you so much for working with me on my custom bridal shower design!
- Vegsady in TEXAS


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What is a
Wedding Guest Book Platter and Signature Plate?

a guest book platter

A wedding guest book platter is the contemporary version of a wonderful, age-old wedding ritual. If you’re not familiar with the custom of a traditional wedding guest book, traditionally upon arriving at the reception location each guest would sign his or her name in a small registry-type book set aside for guests’ signatures and addresses. It wasn’t long before guests soon began including simple messages of endearment for the couple on the lines of the pages within the guest book. Although it’s difficult to say exactly where the concept of a wedding guest book first began, most would agree that it started out as a way of capturing the exact names and addresses of the guests in attendance. And, in the more immediate past, it sure made thank you notes easier to complete. With so many organizational tools available to today’s wedding couples, this tradition’s hottest trend has turned more to the sentiment of the task. Boy do you get a lot of sentiment with this unique signature plate. Each of the keepsake wedding signature plates that we create for you are specially hand painted in your chosen design. Then, we go one step further by hand painting your names and wedding date on the plate as well. Finally to make each guest book plate truly custom and uniquely yours, we hand paint your chosen border around the edge of the plates. Guest book platters are a unique way to preserve a visible record of the people who attended your wedding event. There is no denying that a ceramic wedding guest book platter makes a unique, heirloom keepsake and is indeed a wonderful, personalized wedding gift. By using our ceramic markers designed with special paint inside, it’s an easy way for your guests to permanently leave their signatures, messages, and thoughts. So, why not consider a wedding signature guest book platter on your wedding day? As you might agree, our unique guest book platters are definitely a creative alternative to the traditional wedding guest book custom. Give us a call today to learn more about our signature plates, to discuss the many available designs, or to find out whether we can even work from your own custom design.

Check out our new guest book platter designs for the latest ideas on how you can incorporate this wonderful heirloom keepsake into your wedding day.

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