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Signing Instructions

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1. While we do clean your guest book platter for you before it leaves our facility, it is suggested that you clean the unpainted areas within 24 hours prior to having guests sign your platter. Hands and fingers can leave an oily residue on the platter within the signing area(s). Dab rubbing alcohol on a clean, dry paper towel and carefully wipe ONLY the areas that have NOT been painted on. DO NOT get any of the alcohol on your design or border. Until the guest book platter has been baked (see below) the alcohol can easily remove the painted design and border from your platter.

2. The ceramic pen should be stored in a horizontal (flat) position. DO NOT use the pen too far in advance of your date. The ink can dry up inside the tip, then the pen won’t work properly without further, very detailed cleaning instructions. We recommend that you get the pen ready for use 1-24 hours prior to your scheduled event. To make the color in the tip run down to the end, simply shake the pen vigorously (with the ceramic pen in a vertical, up and down position) then, count 30-60 seconds while pressing down evenly on the tip. Finally, continue shaking the ceramic pen (again in a vertical position - ink could spill onto your clothes if you're not careful) until you see the ink start to come down into the point of the tip. When signing, simply use the marker like a pen. Pushing the tip in while signing can make the ink come out too rapidly (keep tissues or a paper towel nearby to blot the tip - just in case). DO NOT try to remove the tip or shake too much. CAUTION: the ink will stain clothing and / or footwear.

3. Your kit comes with one free black ceramic signature pen. A backup pen is always a very good idea. Additional pens can be ordered in black, red, green, light blue, dark blue (royal), or brown. To keep the line of guests moving along quickly, it may help to have 2 pens. Consider too, having a different (second signature) color for a unique look to your platter.

4. You may want to ask a friend or relative to stand near your guestbook to remind guests to write their signature and to suggest that everyone writes small enough to ensure that all the signatures will fit. If you begin to run out of space on the front of the platter, don’t forget about the back! It is also a great idea to have someone on hand who can answer potential questions about how to use the pen. For example, when signing, you should simply use the marker like a pen. Pushing the tip in while signing can make the ink come out too rapidly (keep tissues or a paper towel nearby to blot the tip - just in case). If the ink stops coming out smoothly between guests, shake the pen, push down on the tip once and perform a test scribble on paper - the ink should return to a smooth, even flow. If there is far too much ink coming out at once, unscrew the top, blot each “inside” end carefully and reattach the top. A test scribble on paper will ensure that the ink is running smoothly once again. CAUTION: be very careful if you choose to unscrew the pen cover - the ink will stain clothing, etc.

5. If an error or smudge should occur (BEFORE BAKING) carefully “wash” only the damaged area with a damp cotton swab (Q-Tip). The cotton swab (Q-Tip) should be lightly dampened with either warm water or rubbing alcohol (as soon as possible). The rubbing alcohol is excellent for cleaning the damaged area efficiently and it will dry faster than water. You can towel dry but be very careful not to disrupt any of the other signatures. You can also simply let it air dry. Be sure to remove all of the damaged ink, anything left behind will permanently bake onto your platter.

6. To avoid having the colors “brown” be sure to bake your platter ONLY for the time and temperature specified.

7. After baking, your platter can be used to serve food if you wish but, you cannot rebake with it. The platter can also be put in the dishwasher but, we recommend carefully hand washing, if necessary. Since your platter is meant as a keepsake item, we suggest that you opt to proudly display it for years of enjoyment rather than serving with it (sharp serving utensils may scratch off the colors).

8. If at anytime you have any questions about your platter or the recommendations listed here, please feel free to give us a call at (888) 623-3487 or email your questions to us at info@GuestBookPlatters.com.

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