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Wedding Invitation Wording Tips

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When you are deciding on your wedding invitation wording, just where do you begin? Are there specific etiquette rules or guidelines that you're expected to follow for the wording of your wedding invitation? The main factor in determining the proper wedding invitation wording you will use is to simply ask yourselves one question. Who is inviting the guests or basically, who is paying for this event? Sure, in days past, the bride and groom’s parents had traditionally been the ones to invite the guests to the wedding because that was the day's etiquette standard, but they were also almost always the ones who payed for the reception and event too. However, in today's modern wedding world, it is very often the bride and groom who are hosting their own wedding reception. It is primarily the factor that couples are themselves planning and paying for their wedding and therefore this gives the bride and groom much more liberty with how to word invitations for their wedding.

Will your wedding prose be formal or informal? The need to use formal invitation wording or informal invitation wording is often influenced by the type of wedding you are planning. Therefore a couple can base their invitation wording choices upon the rationalization that a formal wedding would call for more formal invitation wording and an informal wedding would justify the desire for informal invitation wording and so forth. Two key things to consider when composing your invitation wording is to keep in mind that this is indeed a very special day which will include people who are very special to you. And, it is equally important to take the extra time to double check your spelling. With the modern conveniences of computers, you can test out some invitation wording examples directly on your computer and then use the standard spellchecker feature. Finally, when composing your wedding invitation wording no matter how you choose to word the invitation, your invitation needs to include these five essential pieces of information:

1. the reason for the invitation
2. who the invitation is honoring
3. who is hosting the event
4. where the event location will be
5. when (including what time) the event will take place

However you choose to formulate your invitation wording remembering to be considerate, be yourself and get to the point with your invitation wording.

Did you know we've made wedding invitation wording easy for you!! When ordering your invitation you are prompted to a list of wedding verses that you simply plug into the online order form. From there you have the ease of editing and altering the invitation lines to specifically meet your wording needs. Go to Wedding Invitations Now.

For further questions on your wedding invitation wording, we hope you will Contact Us at your convenience.