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A Few Testimonials ...

I received my Guest Book Platter today. Melissa, it is just beautiful! The colors are absolutely perfect and I can't thank you enough. You and your customer service have been wonderful, this was a great experience. Thank you! Thank you so very much.
– Jane, WI

Just a quick note to let you know that our signature platter arrived safe and sound yesterday. It looks wonderful! We look forward to displaying it in our home after the wedding! Thanks for all your help and support!
- Martina in Alberta, CANADA

I love both of my bridal shower platters! Thank you so much for working with me on my custom bridal shower design!
- Vegsady in TEXAS

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Wedding Invitations Standard Lettering Fonts

The following fonts represent our traditional standard lettering options for all of our wedding invitations. If you are looking for a fancier, contemporary look to your invitations be sure to check out our Combination Lettering Fonts where two fonts are mixed together within one invitation! For further questions, we hope you will Contact Us at your convenience.

No. 111

No. 112

No. 113

No. 114

No. 115

No. 116

No. 118

No. 120

No. 122

No. 125

No. 126

No. 130

No. 131

No. 132

No. 134

No. 135

No. 136

No. 137

No. 138

No. 139

No. 140

No. 141

No. 142

No. 143

No. 144

No. 145

No. 146

No. 148

No. 149

No. 151

No. 152

No. 153

No. 154

No. 155

No. 156

No. 157

No. 158

No. 159

No. 164

No. 165

No. 166

No. 168

No. 182

No. 201

No. 204

No. 205

No. 206

No. 207

No. 210

No. 211

No. 212

No. 214

No. 218

No. 219

No. 220

No. 222

No. 223

No. 224