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Frequently Asked Questions
about Guest Book Platters and Signature Plates

Can GuestBookPlatters.com hand paint my custom design idea onto a platter?
Depending upon how elaborate your guest book platter idea or design is, we may be able to recreate your artwork onto a signature platter for you - providing the design is not copywritten. Please note: there is an additional $30.00 to $50.00 custom design fee. Please email your artwork to artist @GuestBookPlatters.com for further review and price quote.

Can GuestBookPlatters.com get my guest book platter done by this weekend?
In many cases, we can. Our normal processing time is 12 to 15 business days (plus ship time) to hand paint your personalized guest book platter. If you need your platter sooner than this, we can rush process your order in as little as 2-4 business days (plus ship time). Our rush fee is an additional $30.00 and you will need expedited shipping as well (probably Next Day). Expedited shipping costs are custom quoted based upon your location. You can order a rush personalized platter either over the phone or directly on our website and select next day shipping.

How many extra ceramic pens should I have for guests to sign with?
This is a very important question and depends upon how many signatures you are expecting. We do include one free black ceramic pen with every guest book platter you order. We strongly suggest that in addition to your free ceramic marker, you purchase an extra one - just in case you need it and if you expect more than 50 to 60 signatures. It's not worth taking the chance of having a platter during an event that no one can sign on.

These specially designed ceramic paint pens are the only product on the market to become permanent after baking and that is non-toxic during baking. DO NOT use ANY other brand or product of pen or marker to sign on the platter as it may not be safe to bake in your oven and it will not be washable or permanent. You must bake the platter to make the design and signatures truly permanent.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase an additional specially designed, ceramic paint pen in any one of the 6 colors offered here at GuestBookPlatters.com if you expect more than 50 signatures. Two ceramic paint pens should be fine for up to 300 signatures - the second pen is more for precautionary measures or if you desire an optional blending of signature colors on your signature platter. If you have any questions on the ceramic paint pens, please contact us with your question.

What is the purpose of the Plate Easel?
The plate easel or plate stand is a beautiful, complimentary way to safely display your guest book platter in your home - after your event. The easels should not be used while guests are signing on the platter. The platter should be kept on a solid, flat level surface during the signature process at your wedding reception or special event.