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Asian Wedding Themes

If you have an interesting asian wedding theme idea that you are dreaming of having custom hand painted onto a keepsake wedding platter contact me with your asian ideas. I'd be thrilled to bring it to reality for your asian themed wedding!

Asian Wedding Theme Images
How can you tastefully incorporate traditional asian influences into your asian themed wedding? Consider this double happiness symbol hand painted onto the guest book platter of your choice! Asian image is shown here in traidtional red and black color scheme but, you can request this double happiness symbol in any of the colors we offer at no extra charge.

asian invitations
Asian Wedding Invitations
We're delighted to offer so many unique and fun wedding invitation themes. Our impressive asian invitations on red vellum paper have a gold double happiness symbol. The text on most of our invitations including this asian wedding invitation can be printed in a choice of 30 soy based ink colors or 3 different metallic ink colors. Click image to take a closer look.

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